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What we do?

We are one of the known supplier of laundry, dry cleaning & pressing machines in India. We mix high quality equipment, continuous technological innovation and an unmatched level of high quality service into single package. Experience, dedication and qualification are the key components which ensure that our services are delivered with the highest standards of quality.

United Machines provide an efficient solution for any type of requirement concerning the provision of Laundry & Dry-cleaning machines & consultancy services. We listen from the customers carefully and in depth to provide solutions specifically suitable to them. We structure your needs in a clear and transparent development plan that focuses on achieving both practical and efficient solutions.

We represent some of the world's leading laundry equipment manufacturers. So when you're looking for a solution for your needs, we'll help you find the right fit - faster. We offer the best suitable equipment at affordable investment.

We provide outstanding sales, service and support based on pro-active relationship building, in-depth product knowledge, seasoned industry experience and dependable follow through.

Our Solutions

Basic Analysis

  • Market Research & Feasibility Analysis
  • Laundry & Dry-Cleaning Load Analysis
  • Budget Analysis
  • Work Flow projection & analysis
  • Production Analysis
  • Electricity, Water, Steam Analysis
  • Cost Analysis Computation

Facility Planning

  • Equipment analysis
  • Location Analysis
  • Plant Layout Design
  • Utility Design
  • HVAC Design
  • Manpower Analysis
  • Process Improvement

    • Operational development &Planning
    • Productivity, Quality &Cost Control
    • Energy review
    • Identifying flaws & remedy
    • Installation & post installation review

    Project Management

  • Streamline operational process &     procedures
  • Quality assessment & training
  • Continuous improvement
  • Risk assessment
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