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Automatic Vacuum Feeder

ALMAC Vacuum Feeder is a powerful and extremely compact feeder designed to produce more linen with the best quality leading and trailing edges and minimum effort in high volume feeding applications. ALMAC Vacuum feeder is fitted with a high efficiency ventilator system, which provides an excellent vacuum and rapid agitating air stream with lower power characteristics than other comparable products. The high-speed input rollers together with vacuum hold on the feed bands will ensure maximum tail end agitating and smoothing even the smaller articles.

The operator just has to place the linen above the front edge of the specially designed vacuum chamber which then stretches and holds wet linen firmly on the feed conveyor. A high-speed roll helps to rapidly advice pieces through the system so operators can quickly handle the next linen.

Small or large pieces of linens or flat fabric can be fed by this feeder which increased the production. It can be fit with flat work ironers and our vacuum ironers are the industries cost effective machine. ALMAC vacuum feeders are designed for huge capacity ironers to perform the most demanding high-quality finishing tasks. It is suitable for linens, pillow cases, table napkins and table clothes. Ergonomic designed structure with high efficient centrifugal fans, a forceful airflow has created to catch, to flatten, to tauten and to feed the laundry. Operator handling time of each piece is significantly reduced thus increasing the productivity.

Technical Specification

Model VF-3300
Maximum Width (mm) 3300
Feeding Speed (m/min) 0-50
Frequency Speed Transmission Motor Power (Kw) 0.35 x 2
Frequency Speed Blower Motor Power (Kw) 1.5 x 2
Dimension (mm) 3800 x 1550 x 1420
Total Weight (Kg) 500