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Automatic Linen Ironer

Excellent Performance:

The precise structure of the double chest, springs and heating proof felt ensure the rolls to keep enough elasticity and spring cushion so that the linen and the surface of the chest can keep well touched. A unique lever device is introduced on the cylinder to create pressure which ensures the working rolls and chests to keep balanced pressure for high quality ironing. The lever device has positions for pause, repair and inspection.

The connecting plate can be heated by whirly steam system because the holes are underneath of it so that the steam with high speed enable the whirlpool to cover the all the surface of the connecting plate. The speed and the quality of ironing are increased remarkably because the linen is ironed through the hot surface of the arc connecting surface.

Reliability & Safety:

A safe clag plate is installed to keep fingers away for security purpose. The machine can shut down the immediately if the plate is pushed. Pressure controlling system for steam and compressed aid is installed on the machine to ensure the machine running in normal condition. It alarms as soon as the pressure is too low.

There are four emergency buttons at each corner of the machine. The machine stops running immediately if one of the buttons is pressed. The rolls can be lifted and locked onto the machine in case of sudden power cut-off.

High Efficiency &Energy Saving:

The arc surface of the chests has a big angle so that the heating area is big and the heat can be fully used. Driven by only motor, the energy consumption is reduced. Thanks to the inverter, the ironing speed can be adjusted 8-40 meters/minute according different temperature, type of linen and relative humidity.

Thanks to the unique design of heat recycling system. Steam in the chest can run smoothly and sufficiently so that the heat can be fully used and the outside of the chest has insulation layer to avoid heat waste. A fan is installed on each roll so as to exhaust moisture completely hence the chests can be kept and dry thus avoiding the rust formation.

Technical Specification

MODEL YZI-3000 YZII-3000 YZIII-3000
Number of Roller 1 2 3
Drum (DxL)mm 800 x 3000 800 x 3000 800 x 3000
Ironer Speed (Meter/Minute) 10 16 21
Motor Power (Kw) 0.75 1.5 2.2
Steam Pressure (Mpa) 0.4-0.6 0.4-0.6 0.4-0.6
Steam Pipe (DN) mm 25 40 40
Steam Consumption/Cycle (Kg) 130 265 380
Dimesion(mm) 4050 x 1540 x 1390 4060 x 2400 x 1320 4060 x 3400 x 1320
Weight (Kg) 1900 3000 3700