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Legger Utility Press

Legger press is a standard head steam press, well built, durable and simple to use with minimum maintenance. The head and buck is wider on one end catering to the shape of most pants and it comes equipped with a support table at the front of the press allowing for a quick and easy finish. The wide opening bucks, facilitate both the pressing operation and the use of the steam iron.

Operation of the press head is controlled by pedals, to leave the operator’s hands free. In this case, to ensure operator safety, a safe hands protection frame is fitted to the press head. Alternatively, the head of the press may be controlled by two buttons, which should be pushed simultaneously. No matter what size or style pants you are finishing, our buck design shaped narrow on one end and wider at the other – makes finishing quick and easy. Two Cylinder Design - one cylinder closes press head at consistent speeds and a second cylinder applies desired pressure Computer.

Technical Specification

Width of Buck 44"
Height of Buck 18.5”
Width of Machine (mm) 1320
Depth of Machine (mm) 1100
Height of Machine (mm) 1220
Steam Consumption (Kg/hr) 14
Steam Inlet 1/2" NPT
Steam Outlet 1/2" NPT
Vacuum Size 2”
Steam Pressure 6.9 Bar
Air pressure 5.5 bar
Net weight (Kg) 325