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Laundry Hot Head Press

Laundry Hot Head Press equipped with an extra-large stainless-steel head perfect for large fabrics such as tablecloths, bed sheets, robes, etc. The head and buck of the is the largest among our line of products as it is wider on both ends of the press.

The wide opening bucks, facilitate both the pressing operation and the use of the steam iron. The extra-long shaped buck is ideal for tablecloths, sheets, smocks and robes. The tapered end increases its versatility by accommodating a wider range of garments. The head of the press is controlled by two buttons, which should be pushed simultaneously.

The presses are available either in completely self-contained with built-in electric and automatic steam boiler or for central supplies operation. Two Cylinder Design - one cylinder closes press head at consistent speeds and a second cylinder applies desired pressure.

Technical Specification

Length of Buck 54"
Width of Buck 18"
Width of Machine (mm) 1500
Depth of Machine (mm) 1085
Height of Machine (mm) 1220
Steam Consumption (Kg/hr) 20
Steam Inlet 1/2" NPT
Steam Outlet 1/2" NPT
Steam Pressure 6.9 Bar
Air Pressure 5.5 bar
Net weight (Kg) 380