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Automatic Clamp Feeder

ALMAC Automatic Clamp Feeder is a revolutionary product in our profile which ease the linen feeding problems to the ironer. Usually, manual feeding leads to a less productivity but this machine combines optimal feeding with high speed. The Clamp feeder is available in single, two and three feeding stations with 3 meters and 3.3 meters width.

Each feeding station has two sets of feeding clamps, positioned opposite to each other. This allows the operator to feed the linen sheets faster.

The feeding clamps hand over the linen to the two sets of spreading clamps. The spreading clamps are servo driven and run on motor driven toothed belts, which ensures that the linen is swiftly and accurately spread.

The spreading clamps can transfer the item immediately after spreading and pick up the next one from one of the three stations. This way, availability of the clamps for the operators is increased.

The feeder works by firmly securing an item's leading edge using sturdy transferring clamps that can handle even the heaviest items, including duvet covers and king-sized sheets.

The transfer of the leading edge is vacuum supported, while the vacuum box and spreading belts take care of the trailing and side edges, ensuring optimum quality. Three high speed clamps offer individual operator accountability and the ability to work at the fastest individual pace possible. Advanced, programmable inverter provides pinpoint motion control.

Technical Specification

Description Unit ZBQ-3000III ZBQ-3300III
Max Air Consumption L/min 100 100
Rated Power Kw 5.24 5.24
Power Supply V/Hz 380/50 380/50
Maximum Width mm 3000 3300
Speed m/min 4-65 4-65
Dimension (LWH) mm 4336 x 1334 x 2310 4336 x 1334 x 2310
Weight Kg 2250 2250