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Form Finisher

United Press Form Finisher is an ideal solution for coats, jackets & blazers. The working pattern is completely automatic. Both shoulder width and height of the dummy are adjustable. The frame along with its controls can carry out a 360° rotation makes the operation easy. Extremely powerful blower with variable air quantity is adjustable for all fabrics, from extremely lightweight to very heavy ones.

It is designed for the operator’s comfort. The blowing adjustment conveniently located on the front can be shifted witha foot. The pivoting console can be moved to the most convenient position. A single front pedal starts the cycle.

This machine tensions the garment vertically and horizontally with padded metal forms to restore the garment to its original three-dimensional shape.Finish your average garment in 12-15* seconds (depends on garment type). One touch of the foot pedal closes all clamps, tensions garments, and starts steam/air cycle.

Technical Specification

Width of Machine (mm) 714
Depth of Machine (mm) 1238
Height of Machine (mm) 1562
Steam Consumption (Kg/hr) 12
Steam Inlet 1/2" NPT
Steam Outlet 1/2" NPT
Steam Pressure 5.5 Bar
Net weight (Kg) 110