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Body Bosom Shirt Press

The Body Bosom Press will provide a superior finish for to all types of shirts. The buck of this machine is uniquely designed to improve the finish of the shirt's shoulders and underarms areas. The wide opening bucks, facilitate both the pressing operation and the use of the steam iron.

The head of this machine will distribute pressure evenly to provide a uniform finish while ensuring the buttons are not damaged or worn in the process. The pivoting head provides even pressure and its highly polished stainless-steel construction transfers heat evenly for a professional finish every time. Two Cylinder Design - one cylinder closes press head at consistent speeds and a second cylinder applies desired pressure.

Technical Specification

Width of Buck 30"
Height of Buck 14”
Width of Machine (mm) 940
Depth of Machine (mm) 1010
Height of Machine (mm) 1220
Steam Consumption (Kg/hr) 12
Steam Inlet 1/2" NPT
Steam Outlet 1/2" NPT
Steam Pressure 6.9 Bar
Air Pressure 5.5 bar
Net weight (Kg) 280