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Welcome to United Machines

United Machines is a reliable partner in laundry & dry cleaning room solutions since a decade. We offer thoughtfully designed, innovative and sustainable solutions for laundry & dry-cleaning industry, with products such as Washer Extractors, Barrier Washers, Tumble Driers, Flat Work Ironers, Chest Ironers, Automatic Feeders, Automatic Folders and Stackers & Tunnel Washers.

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ALMAC – Brand Introduction

   American Laundry Machinery Corp (ALMAC) is a premium brand and is one of the leading brand of commercial laundry machines including high-spin soft mount Washer Extractors, Hygienic Barrier Washers, Tumble-Dryers, Flat work ironers, high speed Chest ironers, Automatic Linen Feeders, Folders and Dry-cleaning machine.

   ALMAC develops the industry’s most sustainable and flexible Laundry solutions using customer insight to improve functionality, productivity and ergonomics. ALMAC has an all-round solution that can boost your productivity and sustainability.

   Our full spectrum of laundry equipment provides high quality and reliability for on-premises laundry environments, such as hotels, hospitals, laundromats, commercial laundries & dry cleaners. And with superior technology designed to be user-friendly as well as eco-friendly, ALMAC continuously deliver solutions that bring you more value for your money.

   ALMAC brand laundry & dry-cleaning machines are durable, easy to maintain with little or no maintenance required, but keeping the prices affordable. That is how ALMAC brand became one of the most competitive laundry machines in the market.

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Why work with us?


We constantly striving to produce reliable and durable solutions which are satisfying quality requirements of the most demanding customers. By offering the high-quality products, we ensure the trouble-free working environment at your laundry & dry-cleaning unit. Because of our high-quality machines, we can achieve the energy cost significantly.

Comprehensive Service

After-sales service is very important to us as a way of ensuring that you are always able to work with ALMAC brand products safely and with prominent level of satisfaction. Our technicians and installation engineers advise customers on site and plan systems depending on their specific demands, using our vast knowledge and expertise.
Strongly rooted in the laundry service industry, United Machines has the know-how and resources for all your commercial laundry parts and service needs. When your equipment goes down you’re losing valuable time and money. As a truly service-oriented company, we are dedicated to providing you with timely dependable service. Our professionally trained expert technicians will get your equipment back on track quickly.


Correctly maintained machinery is equivalent to a guarantee of quality. Therefore, we look after the minutest detail of the machinery on which we are working. We distribute the preventive maintenance manuals and train your staff to maintain the machines as per the standards. Our online machine maintenance & service reporting system will help you & us to maintain the machines.